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Formerly ‘D & H Welding Electrodes (India) Ltd.’

Our Vision is to be globally known as a trustworthy partner to the core industry. We will earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of our people.

D & H India will be an evolving organisation with an energetic, innovative and environmentally conscious team. We are committed to being a trustworthy solutions oriented partner to the core industry. Our goal is consistent growth to meet all stake holders expectations.

Our Values
Our values govern the guiding principles of our behavior, attitude and actions. These values have been set out hereunder to ensure that we would act in unison as a cohesive entity. The Values comprise of the following :

  • Leadership through Quality - Aiming to achieve leadership in business growth, profitability and technology by offering Quality Products and Services that shall be the best in their class.
  • Customer Focus - Ensuring that customer needs are identified and the products and services meet these needs most effectively.
  • Competitiveness in National / International Markets - Ensuring that our products are of quality and are competitive in terms of value and service to the customers.
  • Innovation, key to our Success - Striving to innovate and excel in everything we do in products, Safety, Value, Services, Human Relations, Competitiveness and profitability.
  • Employee Involvement - In the belief that people are the source of strength to an organization, D&H (INDIA) shall foster teamwork and ensure that all employees treat each other with mutual trust and respect.
  • Acceptance of Suppliers, Distributors and Vendors as Partners - Consciously promoting suppliers' and vendors' involvement in order to improve products and services and maintain mutually beneficial and dependable relationships.
  • Action Orientation - Setting a fast pace and responding quickly to changes being the key competitive strength to keep us ahead in today's fast changing world.
  • Continuous Improvement - Continuous improvement in all our activities and processes sustaining us as a world class organization.
  • Systems - Systems orientation would lead us to quality in our products and services as well as optimizing the utilization of our resources.
  • Social Responsibility - Recognizing the obligation to society as an integral part of all business practices and maintaining high ethical and social standards in all dealings.