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Special Application Product

D & H India Limited a well recognized and established name in the field of manufacturing Specialty Welding Consumables and low-heat input welding alloys are offering another super high-tech industrial product “Metallurgical Cored Wire”.
Metallurgical Cored Wire is a product of wire injection technology of modem steel plants in which a continuous steel tube filled with various Alloys is injected directly with the help of wire feeding machine into the molten metal for performing various functions like steel refining, alloy addition, modification of inclusion, deoxidation, desulphurisation, dephosphorisation etc.

The Metallurgical Cored Wire is manufactured with world proven technology, in fully automatic state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. To ensure effective performance and metallurgical soundness micro alloys and high purity chemicals are incorporated in cored wires to maximize the yield and purity of molten metal.
All grades of Metallurgical Cored Wires are produced under strict quality control. All the raw materials like Steel Strip, Fluxing Raw-materials, Micro alloy, Metal Powders etc. are tested before use in the manufacturing of cored wire. Each batch of metallurgical cored wire undergoes various process control checks and the final product is again checked for its quality to ensure best quality and consistency.
Our quality control laboratories are equipped with most modem testing equipments like electronic measuring gauges, spectro meter, well equipped lab for wet analysis and equipments to check physical properties of cored wire.
A team of highly qualified and experienced personnel are controlling entire plant process and quality control systems to ensure consistent quality of the product.
1. Metallurgical Cored Wire purifies molten metals to improve the quality of steel.
2. Use of Metallurgical Cored Wire makes the steel making more cost effective as losses incurred due to conventional manual addition of elements are negligible.
3. With high speed injection system the Metallurgical Cored Wire gets in to the higher depth of molten metal, hence addition of elements are done at higher depth, which help the elements to disperse uniformly in the molten metal.
4. Effective addition of macro and micro alloying elements into the steel.
5. Cored wire feeding can prevent air being brought into the molten metal.
6. Cored wire feeding has wider application range, good adoptability and simple operation.
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Special Application Product(M-CORE)
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