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Commencement of Commercial Production in Unit III at Durg (Chhattisgarh)

The Company is one of the leading Welding Electrodes& Consumable manufacturers in India. D & H India Limited on 21st March, 2015 has commenced the commercial production at its newly manufacturing facility at plot no. 115-116, Zone B, Borai Industrial Estate, Rasmada District Durg, Chhattisgarh. This manufacturing unit will strengthen the Company’s presence in the Central and Eastern India.
D & H India Limited unveils its 'New Avatar'
D & H Welding Electrodes (India) Limited has begun the financial year in a resurgent and buoyant mood by first changing its name to a more trendy D & H India Limited and now immediately unveiling a new meaning-filled Logo during a well attended dealers meet at 1900 Hrs on 26th May ’12 at Mumbai.

“The organisation has a chequered 25 year history in the highly competitive welding consumables industry and is now prepared to unfold new horizons in line with the significance of the new logo”, explained Mr. Harsh Vora MD addressing a gathering of distributors and distinguished guests on the occasion. The company has also signed a co-operation agreement with Ms FSH of France with the intention of bringing in high end specialised welding consumables to its fold. Ms FSH are a well known name in the Europe in the field of specialised welding consumables and have a glowing record since their inception three decades back.

Sources in the welding industry are impressed with the 20% CAGR from this company with manufacturing bases strategically placed in Indore and a pan India presence.

D & H India Ltd. Corporate Logo
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